Diddlebury Village Hall Minutes – Year to 31st March 2017

Minutes of the Diddlebury Village Hall Committee Meeting held on 11th April 2016

DVH Committee Members: Sally Woodhouse, Amie Watson, Tom O’Boyle, Tony Bennett, Mike Woodhouse, Chris Thomas, Bill Hatfield, Sarah Halford

Present: Amie Watson, Sarah Halford, Sally Woodhouse, Tony Bennett, Tom O’Boyle, Chris Thomas,

1.    Meeting Chairman

Sarah Halford was elected as Chairman for the Meeting (Proposed S. Woodhouse, seconded T. O’Boyle)

2.    Apologies  
Mike Woodhouse
3.    Minutes of Meeting 30th November 2016
Accepted subject to correction of typographical errors. Proposed S. Halford, seconded T. O’Boyle
4.    Matters Arising from Meeting 11th January 2015
Item 8 Car parking donations. Since the last meeting it has been observed that confusion could occur regarding parking on land other than DVH land. This initiative is therefore to be put on hold for the time being.

Item 8. The difference of opinion regarding on-line gifting has been successfully resolved.

5.    Treasurer’s Report
£25,006 in Bank and cash against forecast of £3,883. Slightly ahead of Budget. Forecast is £1,800 loss for the year.

Mrs Husband has kindly volunteered to examine the annual accounts.

6.    AGM Preparation
Tea, coffee and biscuits to be provided S. Woodhouse
Minutes to be taken by T. O’Boyle
Treasurer’s Report to be presented by T. Bennett
Committee’s Report to be presented by C. Thomas
Running order agreed to be as last year: Short AGM followed by Renewal Update. There is to be no break between the closure of the AGM and the Renewal Report. It is noted that M. Woodhouse has to leave promptly so Renewal questions will be answered by other Committee Members.

Welcome – C. Thomas

Election of Meeting Chairman

Approval of Minutes of 2015 AGM

Committee Report – C. Thomas

Treasurer’s Report and adoption of accounts – T. Bennett

Confirmation of committee members representing local groups

Election of committee members


Date of next meeting (Monday 24th April 2017)

Close of AGM

Renewal Update

7.    Renewal
The subject of DVH Trustee indemnity arose subsequent to the last meeting. DVH insurers have confirmed that individual Trustees are covered. The matter is to be considered again as the potential liabilities increase due to the Big Lottery grant.
M. Woodhouse was unavailable to provide a full report.
Diddlebury Parish Council held an EGM on 08.04.16 to consider its Custodian Trustee position. DPC and DVH solicitors are liaising to arrange a solution that is satisfactory to all parties.
A number of potential tenderers for the Renewal work have been interviewed and a shortlist has been drawn up of those suitable to be invited to quote.
8.    Communication
Update to be provided on all communication media:

“A number of potential tenderers for the Renewal work have been interviewed and a shortlist has been drawn up of those suitable to be invited to quote.”

M. Woodhouse to confirm wording meets Big Lottery requirements.





M. Woodhouse

9.    Fund-raising
A meeting was held with a potential grant source. Meeting was encouraging with a positive response. This opportunity is to be followed up. M. Woodhouse/

S. Halford

A meeting has also been held with South Shropshire Housing. Potential grants have been reduced to £1k for specific requirements. If successful this funding could be used for a specific requirement such as a Hearing loop. All




Other potential sources of ‘gap-funding’ are to be followed up. M. Woodhouse/

S. Halford

10. Car Park
No update required.
11. Lettings Update
Bookings from 1st April:

Regular Bookings: Dancing Group Fridays 19.30 – 20.45

Other Bookings: DPC, 27.04, 08.05, 18.05

S. Woodhouse
Ballet Group has re-located to Ditton Priors for the duration of the Renewal works.
12. AOB
Wicket gate on northeast of DVH boundary: Playgroup has requested that this be donated to the Playgroup. The gate opens on to the recently installed fencing around the School grounds; it is not possible to go through it and it is therefore redundant. Donation was approved provided that the Playgroup establishes that the gate is DVH property.

Enquire into ownership with previous DVH Committee members

A. Watson


S. Woodhouse

13. Next Meeting
Monday 9th May 2016, 7.30pm.