AGM Minutes 2014

Diddlebury Village Hall AGM



Present:S Woodhouse, C Thomas, A Watson, T Bennett, I Fotheringham, T O’Boyle

Apologies:M Woodhouse

1               Election of Chair

T Bennett proposed C Thomas, seconded S Woodhouse and duly elected

2               Minutes of Previous AGM accurate D Mason proposed, L Mason seconded, accepted unanimously

3               Report of Chair

  1. Events

i.     Thank you to the whole community for its good support over the last year

ii.     Ale in the Dale – a tremendously successful event – many thanks to all the volunteers and participants and especially to the organiser T Bennett

iii.     Mrs Drakes for all her quizzes which as well as raising substantial funds involved the community in much discussion

iv.     Thank you to all the volunteers over the year who have helped – setting up events, maintenance of the hall, etc

v.     N Pearce for his support of the AITD, free beer for events, quiz evenings, etc

vi.     Thank you to the committee for all the efforts and time over the year

vii.     Special thanks to Ian Fotheringham who is leaving the committee

  1. Administration

i.     A chair is elected for each meeting

ii.     An executive body deals with delegated matters

iii.     User group representatives’ time is very much valued

iv.     Broadband and wifi is available at the Village Hall to replace Shropshie Council Broadplace which has been discontinued

  1. Activities

i.     The regular events to include ballet, church fete Venice talk, church ceilidh, scouts, elections, weddings, funerals, water roadworks presentation

ii.     A sold-out pantomime

iii.     Autumn Show

iv.     Harvest Supper

v.     Ale in the Dale by T Bennett

  1. Renewal

i.     Mike Woodhouse absent but will provide a full update at the Annual Parish Meeting on 28 May

ii.     Survey revealed support for the refurbishment option

iii.     Questionnaire is to be circulated

iv.     Corvedale School is encouraged to be fully involved and the Chair of Governors will join in for a more integrated approach also involving S Woodhouse PCC representative and T O’Boyle DPC representative

v.     Expect response from the Lottery Fund shortly which has to be followed within three months by a more detailed application – then anticipating a start next year

  1. Future

i.     Ale in the Dale

ii.     Renewal process

iii.     Church Fete 12 July

iv.     Autumn Show 6 September

v.     Harvest Supper 4 October

vi.     Church Falklands Talk 11 October

4               Treasurer’s Report

  1. Two bank accounts

i.     Trading account

ii.     Renewal fund for the future to include maintenance

  1. Full account details see attached report

All in a good state of health, but repairs are unpredictable

Adoption of report – proposed C Thomas, seconded I Fotheringham – unanimous

5               Representatives

  1. T O’Boyle- Parish Council
  2. M Woodhouse- Dance
  3. S Woodhouse- PCC
  4. J Woodhouse- Autumn Show (reports but does not vote)
  5. B Hatfield- Corvedale Entertainment
  6. P Burns- Tiny Tots
  7. tba – Corvedale School

6               Election of Officers

Only three standing – C Thomas, T Bennett, A Watson – proposed I Fotheringham, seconded D Mason. All were elected unopposed

7               AOB

Several comments

  • A suggestion to use hall for own events eg pub night
  • All AITD profits will appear in the Corvedale News
  • AITD set to continue
  • Will be quotes/estimates for programme of works for Village Hall Renewal
  • Committee planned to have a project manager
  • Schedule of works to match funding available

8               Next AGM

Monday 27 April 2015


Meeting closed at 8.15pm