AGM Minutes 2013

Diddlebury Village Hall AGM



Present:            S Woodhouse, M Woodhouse, C Thomas, A Smout, T Bennett, I Fotheringham, T O’Boyle

Apologies:            N Pearce, T Pearce, B Hatfield, J Price, Corvedale School Rep

1               Election of Chair

M Woodhouse proposed C Thomas and duly elected

2               Minutes of Previous AGM accurate T Bennett proposed, M Woodhouse seconded, accepted unanimously

3               Report of Chair

  1. Events

i.     Ale in the Dale – a tremendously successful event – many thanks to all the volunteers and participants

ii.      J Tustin  – thank you for another very successful Open Gardens day

iii.     Thank you to all the volunteers over the year who have helped – setting up events, maintenance of the hall, etc

iv.     N Pearce for his support of the AITD, free beer for events, quiz evenings, etc

v.     Thank you to the committee for all the efforts and time over the year

  1. Administration

i.     Many thanks to all the retiring members of the committee for the previous year

ii.     A chair is elected for each meeting

iii.     An executive body deals with delegated matters

iv.     Hire agreements have been rationalised with a consistent hire rate

v.     User group representatives are invaluable but time for attendance may have been a problem leading to sporadic attendance

vi.     A website is being set up with links to the Diddlebury parish website

  1. Activities

i.     the regular events, in addition Zumba Dance Group

ii.     Open Garden – many thanks to J Tustin

iii.     Autumn Show

iv.     Harvest Supper

v.     Ale in the Dale by T Bennett

vi.     Skittles by J Woodhouse

vii.     Youth club disco

viii.     Howden Jones

ix.     Broadplace is coming to an end

  1. Renewal

i.     Three options still on the table

ii.     Grant application is being completed

iii.     Questionnaire is to be circulated

iv.     Corvedale School is encouraged to be fully involved

v.     New car parking agreement is being organised

  1. Future

i.     Ale in the Dale

ii.     Renewal Questionnaire

iii.     Renewal process

iv.     Church Fete 13 July

v.     Autumn Show 7 September

vi.     Harvest Supper 5 October

4               Treasurer’s Report

  1. Two bank accounts

i.     Trading account

ii.     Renewal fund for the future and maintenance

  1. Full account details see attached report

All in a good state of health, but repairs are unpredictable

Acceptance of report  – proposed I Fotheringham, seconded A Smout – unanimous

5               Representatives

  1. I Fotheringham                  – Badminton
  2. T O’Boyle                  – Parish Council
  3. M Woodhouse                  – Dance
  4. S Woodhouse                  – PCC
  5. (I Fotheringham)                  – Autumn Show (reports but does not vote)
  6. B Hatfield                  – Corvedale Entertainment (tbc)
  7. Michelle ???                  – Acting Parents and Toddlers

6               Election of Officers

Only three were standing  – C Thomas, T Bennett, A Smout – each gave a brief statement and elected unanimously

7               Co-opted members

The option remains available to co-opt as required, especially the lottery funding and renewal work which requires specific skills

8               AOB


9               Next AGM

Monday 28 April 2014